Light the Night Walk

Light the Night Walk

Hurricane Harvey was very devastating for a lot of families in my city. I am one of the lucky ones that didn’t have water invade my home, but my family home and mother-in-laws apartment did not fare as well. My mom lost all of her furniture and is currently beginning the process of rebuilding. I have taken in my mom, cousin and sister-n-law while they get their places back in living order so it has been a little busy over here. Even though we’ve been through so much lately, the hurricane events are not the reason for this post. I want to discuss the Light the Night Walk which will be held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

My Dad passed away in January, and while I’m grateful he didn’t have to put up with any of this hurricane Harvey crap, I miss him very much. He had myelodysplasia,  a blood issue that guaranteed he needed a blood transfusion every few weeks. That developed over time and turned into Leukemia in November 2016. Through my grief I found the Light the Night walk. It is specifically for people and families affected by Leukemia & Lymphoma diseases.

My daughter and I decided that we must complete this walk in honor of her grandfather. It was scheduled for October 28th, but I recently learned they pushed back the date to November 17, 2017, the eve of my Dad’s birthday. We plan on celebrating his birthday together by doing one of his favorite activities; we will go see a movie he really would want to see and then go out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants – but the night before we are going to walk for my Dad.

I implore you, if you able to donate, we would appreciate your help. This money goes to help those affected by blood Cancers and we are so grateful for anything you can manage.

Or visit our page to learn about Larry and the cause.

Thank you.